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Educational Videos


Trail Camera Applications

Exclusion Cages for Food Plots.

Mature Buck Movements- Rain.

Matching the Hatch and Hunting Aggressively.

Feeding Corn to Deer.

Predators and the Wildland Urban Interface.


Deer Feeders, Ben Koerth

Deer Feeders, More from Ben Koerth


Fibromas or Black Warts

Brain Abcesses and Their Effects

Blood Sack Antlers

Albino versus White Whitetails?

Does with Antlers?

Carnivorous Whitetails?

Pere David Deer

Venison, It's a Lifestyle!

Florida Key Deer

Putting Videocameras on Whitetails

Turtle Lake Disease Research, Necropsy Techniques

Restoring Whitetails In Mexico

Do Gutpiles Spread Disease?

Dr. Billy Higginbotham Talks About Wild Hogs

Ben Koerth Disusses Use of Fecal Sample for Analyzing Deer Dietary Quality

Using GPS for Hunting and Studying Deer

Electric Fencing for Deer

Feeding Deer- Corn

Wild Land Urban Interface


Innoculating Clover


Satellite Food Plots for Bucks

Transmitting Trail Cameras

Food Plot Planting Mistakes

Landscaping for Whitetails

Turtle Lake Club

Buck Behavior- The Toady Relationship

Genetics- Under Bite

Trail Camera Uses

Doe Harvest

Blood Trailing

The Rut Curve

Successful Food Plots

Planning for Spring and Summer Food Plots

Dr. Deer Necropsy at Turtle Lake 2015 

Liver Flukes in Liver

Watering Fruit and Nut Trees Easily

Dr. Deer Presents the Field Video Lectures from the 2014 Annual Field Day.They are broken down into topics so you can choose which ones you need to watch. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Past!

Edges, Types and Uses

Decision-based Food Plot Management


15- Year Old Oak Trees: Managing for Oak Mast

Dealing with poachers: sight barriers.

Managing for Honeysuckle: a very good deer browse.

Managing Streamside Management Zones (SMZ): Planning Ahead!

Susies' Point: Managing Vistas

Anchoring Feeders: Thwarting hogs and cows!

Managing Ponds for Trophy Bluegills, Increased Land Values

Deer Sanctuaries: What are they and how do you develop them?

Thermal Cover: Developing the different types?

Using Electric Fences in Food Plot Managing: Banking Forages.

Trail Cameras: The history behind a great technology for deer management & hunting!

Hardwood management: Thinning techniques.

Prescribed Burning: Demonstration and Procedures.

Landscaping for Whitetails: One-stop Shopping!

How to plant fruit trees for mast production: Doing it right!

Developing a Silvipastural Area to Manage Both for Deer and Timber.

Equipment you need to plant food plots successfully.

Silage Baling to Get the Most Out of Your Forage!

Digestible Organic Matter: What is it and why is it important?

Cold Hardy Buck Forage Oats

Chain Saw Safety Demonstration and Training

EHD Necropsy Video

Pea Patch

Studying Black Bears