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Dr. Deer's Public Reading Room

Natural Mineral Lick in Michigan

Dr. Deer Team (Dr. Kroll and Wayne Sitton) conduct 2015 necropsy at Turtle Lake Club, Hillman, Michigan

Dissection of a normal deer liver with no liver flukes

Examination of a normal lung

Dr. Deer Warns of Deer Decline and Its Causes


Dr. Kroll's remarks to the Wisconsin Conservation Board concerning implementation of the Deer Trustee Report


It's all about data!

Role of State and County Agencies in Wisconsin Deer Management?

Telecheck, Deer Check Stations and DMAP as  sources of sound data?

CWD Management?


The Next Steps: What can YOU Do?

2014 Field Day - Buck Forage Oats

2014 Field Day - Food Plots

2014 Field Day - Dual Purpose Food Plots

2014 Field Day - Staging Food Production

2014 Field Day - Electric Fencing Food Plots

2014 Field Day - Electric Fencing: Preparing for Cowpeas

Dr. Deer Wades in on CWD: The most definitive word!

Deer Management Comes to Ontario

Are you managing for cattle or deer?

Brassica Alert!

Ethics or ego?

It ain't as easy as it looks!

It may be legal, but is it ethical?

Management Du Jour

Olfactory Fatigue

One Hour in Walmart

It's Normal, Stupid