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Where are we now in our research?

Dr. Kroll discusses what we have learned about deer and what we still need to learn.

DIY Hunts for the Whitetail Slam

You may think it will be expensive to pursue the Whitetail Slam, but Doc gives tips on how you can do it as a DIY hunt. 

Al Brothers, Deer Management Pioneer

   Learn about one of Dr. Kroll's heros! We all should be thankful to Al Brothers for his contributions. 


Patterning Your 1987 Buck


Anticosti Island Hunt

Guided Hunts


Habitat, Schmabitat!

What is habitat? Dr. Deer tells you. 

Food Plot History

The Future of Management

Spike Bucks- Good or Bad?

Spike Wars Part 1

Spike Wars Part 2

Spike Wars Part 3

Spike Wars Part 4

Ethics or Ego?

It May Be Legal, But Is It Ethical?

The Issues at Hand

It Ain't As Easy As It Looks!

Olfactory Fatigue

We Have A Biologist/home/drdeer/public_html/uploads/ckfinderfiles/We%20Have%20A%20Biologist.pdf

CWD, EHD, Issues

CWD Histeria!

Careers in Wildlife

Fair Chase, Part 1

Fair Chase, Part 2

Fair Chase, Part 3

Fair Chase, Part 4

Fair Chase, Part 5

Fair Chase, Part 6

Fair Chase, Part 7

Food Plots, History

Food Plots, Hunting

Food Plots, Hype

Guides and Outfitters

Hollywood Park Deer Situation: Urban Deer

Hunting Ethics

Hunting, Tactics, Gadgets

Institute for White-tailed Deer Management & Research- History

Institute History- Reflections

Management, Future, Part 1

Management, Furture, Part 2

Management, CWD

Management, Definition


Outdoor Writing, TV

Public Hunting

Rut, Misconceptions



Wildlife Disease Debate Heats Up

Wisconsin CWD Failure